Få kontroll över ditt digitala jag

Upptäck vem som har din personliga information och uppdatera eller ta bort den: den är ju din.

We're the team behind GDPR-Buddy

GDPR-Buddy, which is a service people can use to request access to information about data processing being done by companies and other legal entities.

The service we provide is based on the rights of individuals under the GDPR, meaning that the service will cater to individuals all around the globe in their dealins with companies within the EU as well as to individuals within the EU in their dealings with companies within and outside of the EU.

Currently we’re in a beta stage of development, and version 1.0 will launch focusing on Sweden as the main market. The reason: because we’re all Swedish.

Eventually we intend to launch internationally, as well as expand our services to function with other laws (the The Californian Consumer Privacy Act for example). We’re not there yet though.

If you want to help out with translating to your native language or if you have any questions to us, you’re more than welcome to e-mail us at: info@lexgate.eu

We’re also looking to partner with law firms or lawyers/jurists outside of Sweden, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re keen on working with privacy!

email: info(at)lexgate.eu

Din data - dina rättigheter!

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